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At Suncatcher Sanctuary, we do our darndest to provide the highest quality products possible for our residents. That includes nutritious food (that’s preventative care, baby!), sustainable cleaning products, compassionate medical care, and more—which doesn’t come cheap. We gratefully accept all donations and will use them to provide our cats with the very best care we can.

Wish List

Everyday the Suncatchers under our care are in need of food, litter, and diapers. And if you donate a gift to our wish list, we can make sure they have everything they need!

The items on our wish list are always changing—we have needs that vary from cat to cat. Through these gifts, we can ensure that our operation is running smoothly and the cats are getting the unique enrichment that they need.

Don't have the funds to donate?

Don't worry! We ALWAYS appreciate word of mouth. Without people knowing who we are and what we do, we simply cannot continue our mission. Please spread the word about us to anyone and everyone you can think of!

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