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Empowering every purr so they can sparkle.

A cat sanctuary in Phoenix, AZ, dedicated to rescuing cats with special needs and cats in need of hospice care.

Our mission is to rescue cats and dogs with special needs and those that have terminal illnesses. There is a special place for all special needs animals- this sanctuary exists to provide a safe haven for each animal that comes through our door. We will also advocate for these animals and raise positive awareness while educating the public to erase the stigma of pets with special needs.


Our goal is to open our doors to the cats who won't thrive in traditional shelter environments and give them the TLC they need to live their lives to the fullest. That means providing them with the highest quality and most sustainable food and care products we can get- and lavishing them with the one on one attention we've seen help cats with special needs shine.


One of the biggest hurdles standing between cats with special needs and a stable forever home is the lack of information on how to care for them. That's why we work to give everyone access to comprehensive and approachable care information. Sharing this knowledge helps potential adopters to see that caring for a special needs pet doesn't have to be scary and gives current carers of special needs animals the support they need to help them and their pet stay together.


We lead with empathy for pets and people in every aspect of our work. We strive to share love with cats in the most vulnerable moments of their lives and to extend that same tenderness to ourselves and other pet carers. If we are not our best selves, we can't give the best care to our animals. Compassion fatigue is real and we can work through it together!

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