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Does one of our suncatchers call to you? Do you dream of adopting a cat but life is getting in the way? Are you looking for a gift for the cat-obsessed person in your life? Say hello to our sponsorship program!

Choose your favorite cat at the Sanctuary and help to fund their care with a recurring monthly donation at a level that’s comfortable for you. In exchange, you’ll get an inside view into your Suncatcher’s life with a monthly email newsletter telling you alllllll about what they’ve been up to—with lots of photos, of course. You’ll also get 10% off all Suncatcher Sanctuary merch as long as you’re a sponsor!


Even better, you’ll get a GIFT themed around your sponsored cat after three consecutive months of membership! (We pride ourselves on being good gifters, so we know you’re gonna enjoy these.)

Sponsor Tiers

Thank you!

A slideshow of the goodies the donors received.

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