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On this page, you will find general guides on how to care for pets with special needs based on my personal experience and products that I recommend. Hope it's helpful and you can always contact us for additional questions. 


Blind cats are amazing at mapping and navigating themselves. Some may require slow introductions to adjust to their new environment while others may not even show significant signs that they're even blind. While I love sprucing up my place and rearrange my furniture from time to time, I encourage you try to keep that to a minimum. Cats have a very keen sense of hearing but blind cats have an even better sense. Always call their name before you pet them and talk to them often! (That is if you already don't.) Another thing that I always do is to make sure they know their footing if they enjoy high places to ensure they don't injure themselves. For example, if I have a cat tree, I will tap on it to let the cat know that the cat tree is for them to climb on and enjoy. Physically place them on each step until you get to the top. Once they have a good feel, place them back on each step all the way down to the floor. They might call for help until they're comfortable but they will usually get the groove pretty quickly. 

Products I recommend: Crinkle toys, sensory mat, catnip, stairs

Hind Leg Paralysis

Paralysis can vary in its degree so I will cover the best I can. Some may require their bladder and/ or their bowels expressed. Some may be able to go on their own but are incontinent. Either way, this issue is the number one topic when discussing the care for paralyzed cats. If the cat requires to be expressed, it is important to keep a regular schedule. I personally express my cats 4 times a day- morning, noon, afternoon, and evening. It can be scary and intimidating to express a cat until you and your cat become used to it. You can search for videos that demonstrates how to express and I am hoping to hold classes on how to do so in the future!

Products I recommend: reusable diapers, socks, velcro

Cerebellar Hypoplasia

Cerebellar hypoplasia 

Products I recommend: reusable diapers, socks, velcro

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