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My name is Sheena, the Executive Director of Suncatcher Sanctuary.

Working with rescue organizations over the course of 6+ years was an eye-opening experience. I got a first-hand look at every aspect of rescue work- the joy, sorrow, everything gross and weird, and grief.

After welcoming Daisy and Dixie, who are both pups with special needs into my life in 2011 and 2018, I always wanted to start something that would help animals with special needs. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to be appointed as a board member for a remarkable nonprofit organization, Wild Hearts- my lifelong dream! This opportunity propelled me to begin my own rescue work for cats. Why cats? This is a question I asked myself since I always thought I was more of a "dog person". I realized that cats are often overlooked in both the rescue community and the pet industry overall, which means that those with special needs and seniors are not given the chance to thrive. So my journey of operating a cat rescue (and sometimes dogs- still love 'em!) begun!

Few facts about me:

  • I'm fluent in Japanese.

  • My favorite movies are Matilda and Clue and I can recite most of the script.

  • When I'm not working or saving cats, you can find me crocheting, listening to true crime podcasts, or standing aimlessly in the kitchen.

  • I'm a certified Animal Reiki Practitioner and Animal Communicator.

The story behind our name

Why Suncatcher Sanctuary, you may ask.

My pets were my inspiration for this name. Their presence remind me of a suncatcher- they absorb the sunlight and emit that light to the world, bringing instant smiles, warmth, and happiness. The fact that the word "cat" is in suncatcher was an added bonus.

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